Primitive Synapse LLC

So I started a record label, called Primitive Synapse, LLC. Like, for real, with a tax ID and everything. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but it was impossible in California (they charge $1200 A YEAR just to have a business!).

It’s actually the second time I’ve started a music business, as I did all the paperwork for Counterpunch when they started up. The last few projects I’ve been involved in after that didn’t make it far enough for a business to be necessary though.

The reason for starting up a label is.. because I’m working on new music. I shouldn’t say that, it’s not like I ever really STOPPED working on music, it’s just that I have the means to actually release it in a near-future time frame. I’ve got 5 songs fully written now, with 5 more in various stages of completeness. I plan to put out a 10-song CD by the end of this year on the new label.